Rainbow Jersey Bicycles is much more than just a retail bike shop. We offer a variety of services to keep your bicycle looking and riding like new. Check below for more details on our services.

In addition, we occasionally host classes to teach you how to take better care of your bicycle, and to make your cycling experience more fulfilling. Look below for a list of upcoming and past classes.

Trade Ins

  • Instantly unlock the cash value of your used bike by trading it toward the purchase of your new bike
  • Skip the hassle and cost of fixing, washing, and shipping your used bike
  • Avoid issues with listing and selling your bike on your own, not to mention dealing with potential scams
  • Get a value for your used bike in a matter of minutes and get store credit toward your new ride immediately

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Kid's Bike Trade Up

You can “Trade Up” your child's bike at Rainbow Jersey Bicycles

  • Any kid's bike purchased from RJB can be traded in for a new bike
  • You must be the original owner
  • No time limit
  • Only bikes 24” wheel size and smaller
  • RJB will give you up to 50% of what you paid for your bike (proof of purchase is necessary)

Service Packages

Check Over – $49.99

The check over is designed to make sure a customer’s bike is in good working order. The mechanic will check for loose bearing surfaces, adjust brakes and derailleurs, make sure all components and accessories are tight (bars, stem, seat, crank arms, pedals, etc.) and lubricate moving parts (chain, derailleurs, brakes, levers).

  • Secure all components
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust Derailleurs
  • Lube chain
  • Lube brakes
  • Lube derailleurs
  • Secure all accessories

Basic Tune-Up – $69.99

The basic tune-up includes everything in the check over and additionally includes bearing adjustment and wheel truing. Wheels will be removed so that cones and lock nuts can be tightened. Wheels should be trued in the truing stand. The headset and bottom bracket will be adjusted and fixed to ensure they stay that way. Better cleaning and inspection of the bike is possible because of partial disassembly.

Everything from above, PLUS:

      • Adjust front and rear hubs
      • Adjust headset
      • Adjust bottom bracket
      • Minor wheel truing

Complete Tune-Up – $99.99

The complete tune-up will lengthen the life of the bicycle’s components by removing grit and dirt from the drive system. In addition to the basic tune-up, the mechanic will remove the chain, cogs, and right crank arm and clean them in the parts washer. Removal of these parts will allow a thorough cleaning of the frame and fork. We check components for wear and tear. Now is a great time to replace the chain and/or cassette.


        • Everything from above, PLUS:
        • Remove, tank clean, lubricate, and re-install derailleurs
        • Tank clean and oil freewheel or cassette
        • Tank clean and lube chain
        • Tank clean front chain wheel
        • Adjust wheel tension
        • Clean frame and fork


Performance Overhaul – $199.99

The performance overhaul is *almost* everything that can be done to a bike without replacing it with a new one. After this service is performed, the bike should ride as close to new as possible. We will not only overhaul bearing surfaces, but also check them for wear.

Everything from above , PLUS:

        • Tank clean front and rear derailleurs
        • Overhaul headset
        • Overhaul bottom bracket
        • Overhaul front and rear hubs

Other Services

Bike Wash – $20 ($10 w/service package)

        • Wash mud and dirt off bicycle with soap and water
        • Lubricate chain and derailleurs
        • Does not include adjustments or solvent cleaning

Common Labor Prices

      • Adjust derailleur $10
      • Adjust hub $7.00
      • Overhaul hub $20
      • Adjust bottom bracket $7.00
      • Overhaul bottom bracket $20
      • Adjust headset $7.00
      • Overhaul headset $20
      • Change pedals $5.00
      • Change grips $5.00
      • Install bar ends $5.00
      • Install bar tape $10.00
      • True wheel (each) $17 – $25.00
      • Box bike $45-60
      • Install fenders $20
      • Install rack on bike $20
      • Install Baby Seat (purchased at Rainbow Jersey Bicycles) $30

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Campagnolo Ergo Lever Overhaul

Unlike the "S" company we can make your old Ergo levers work like new or upgrade to 10 speed. Overhauling is $30 plus parts and index upgrades are by estimate.
Campagnolo Ergo Lever Overhaul

Custom Wheel Building

We can custom build wheels for your specific application. We primarily use DT and Wheelsmith spokes and Mavic, Sun and Velocity rims.  Although we seldom recommend the following examples they display the possibilities that exist when you choose RJB Custom Wheels.
Custom Wheel Builds available at Rainbow Jersy Bicycles Custom Wheel Builds available at Rainbow Jersy Bicycles Custom Wheel Builds available at Rainbow Jersy Bicycles

Park Tool School Bike Maintenance Classes

Park Tool School Park Tool School Park Tool School and Rainbow Jersey Bicycles

Park Tool School wil return with a new curriculum soon